Submissions Now Closed

Invitational Submission Guidelines

Registration: First things first... it all starts with registration! Register today and then you will have credentials to submit your film.

All film submissions must be in digital format for this platform. No physical copies. Please upload your film in Mp4 format, or as a Youtube stream. Support for Vimeo is coming soon.

Submission Length: Submissions must run at a length of, at least 1:00, with a max of 10:00..

Genres: All Genres Accepted.

In the Submission Portal, Film Description Box MUST Include:
  • College or University
  • Cast and Crew
  • Contact Information (Primary Number)
  • Film Synopsis

Submission Period:
Submission Period will run from February 1st, through March 26th, 2022. Check the Invitational calendar for all other key dates.

Everyone is Welcome

2022 Eligibility FAQ

“How do I know if I’m Eligible?”
All presently enrolled students attending any HBCU are applicable for the invitational. As well, due to the delays caused by the pandemic, eligibility will be extended to all 2020 and 2021 graduates.
“Are there any restrictions on content?”
Only on length.(10:00 Max). All genres/themes are accepted.

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